Our special products

Apart from any regular flat conveyor belt, we offer a number of special products, including the ones listed below.
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Car panel transportation

We import a special, heavy duty PU belt for car panel transportation. These belts have been especially designed to resist impact from sharp edges and are successfully applied by a number of suppliers in the car industry. There are not many manufacturers internationally who can supply us with the right quality of belt material for this specific, hard-wearing application. With our current overseas supplier we have found an excellent solution for it.


Transmission belts

Transmission beltsEvery application has its own requirements for transmission belt design and properties. We supply a full range of transmission belts, including

  • V-belts,
  • Round belts,
  • Timing belts,
  • Ribbed belts

…and many special designs.

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Belts for grains and oilseeds

Anti-static, flame-retardant

Belts for grains and oilseedsBucket elevators and other belts for grains and oilseeds need to meet special requirements. Belts need to be static-conductive and flame-retardant. They must be strong enough to carry your product at the projected speed and capacity without causing damage to the product or the belt. For oilseeds and other types of seeds and grains it is important that belts are oil and grease resistant in order for them to perform optimally during their extended lifespan.



At Transbelt we are well aware of your special requirements. Years of practical experience in the assembly and installation of bucket belts and conveyor belts for use in grain storage, warehousing, processing and trans-shipment have made us experts in the field of these specialised belts. We understand your need for continuity, so you can expect the highest level of service, quick installation and best quality products.

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Other special products include:

  • Dewatering and filtration belts
  • Air permeable and fluidisation fabrics
  • Hole patterns punched for vacuum applications
  • PTFE and Silicone belting for high temperature applications
  • Battery Pasting belts
  • High Friction feed belts for paper and board handling