Automotive and StampingAutomotive and Airport Conveyor Belts

Automotive body panel and stamping conveyors are some of the most demanding and abrasive conveyor belt applications.

Automotive and airport conveyor belts must be designed to withstand cutting, sharp edges, and oily environments.

Transbelt have developed a range of cut and abrasion resistant belting with a uniform wear rate to ensure a precision cut is maintained.


Automotive and AirportsWe supply belts for all applications within these industry some of which include:

  • Stamping belts
  • Interpress belts
  • Swarf waste belts
  • Metal part conveying


Within the Airport sector

  • Airport Sector : Baggage Handling
  • Check in Desks ( Weigh Belt’s )
  • Main luggage transfer
  • Incline and decline belts
  • Radial Bends
  • Diverting Belts
  • Pusher facia and padding
  • Verti-Sort systems
  • X-Ray
  • Roller re-covering
  • Luggage handling ( Mobile ) systems : Airside